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Treating your pet as one of the family 

Covid-19 Update 14th July 2021

We remain committed to keeping you safe, whilst continuing to care for your pet!

We have really missed having you in the building with your pet, and we look forward to being able to chat face-to-face once again very soon. However, whilst the Government is lifting many restrictions on 19th July, the NHS Test and Trace system remains. This means that inviting pet owners into our examination rooms at this time would place each member of our team at much higher risk of being in close contact with a Covid-infected person, and being required to self-isolate. This could lead to large numbers of staff being absent, and at its worst would mean closure of the entire practice. We have therefore taken the difficult decision that in order to protect our team, so that they can continue to provide veterinary care for your pet, we will - for now - stay working as we have been since the pandemic began. This means our doors will remain locked until at least 16th August (or when Test and Trace finishes).

We continue to assess and prioritise appointments and operations on a case-by-case basis. All 3 of our sites are open ​their usual hours, but we kindly ask for your patience, as everything takes longer with the way we are working, and some routine procedures may have to be booked several weeks in advance.

Repeat medication is most easily ordered by clicking on the orange "order a prescription" tab above. If you need veterinary advice or you have concerns about your pet, please telephone us on the usual number. Our experienced, qualified staff will be able to assess you and your pet’s needs and offer advice, a telephone consultation, or an appointment at the practice as appropriate.

Please do not attend the practice if you are symptomatic, self-isolating or shielding – instead you will need to ask somebody else to bring your pet in to us, or a telephone appointment may be appropriate. We also need to know if your pet has been in contact with anybody who has tested positive for Covid-19 so that we can protect our team by taking extra precautions in addition to the usual PPE.

When attending the practice for any reason, please:

  • Use the "intercom" located to the left of the brown main entrance door at the main Broad Lane site to let us know you are here, and then return to your car to wait with your pet. At the Radford Road and Balsall Common sites, please simply telephone their number from inside your vehicle upon arrival and remain in your car.
  • Be patient, as we are juggling emergencies alongside more routine cases
  • Ensure you answer your phone even if you do not recognise the number, as we are keeping our main phone lines clear for incoming emergencies
  • Bring your pet in a secure carrier, or on a well-fitting collar/harness and lead, as all our sites are on busy roads
  • Respect social distancing as we take your pet into the building for examination (you will not be allowed to accompany your pet unless in exceptional circumstances)
  • Make payment by card in advance for orders, or at the appointment by telephone
  • Wear a face covering during your pet's handover, when you are speaking face-to-face with the team and if you are collecting your pet's medications

Home visits are not available at this time due to the increased risk to our staff, unless in exceptional circumstances.

We are working hard to ensure the health and wellbeing of those most important members of the family - our pets - as Covid-19 continues. Being able to support the community in this way is incredibly important to us, and we really appreciate all the lovely messages and words of encouragement we continue to receive from local pet owners, which help keep the whole team going in these challenging times.

Since being established by Roy Hands back in 1969, Broad Lane Vets has been trusted by generations of Coventry pet owners. With Elly Pittaway, Aidin Walls and Alison White now at the helm, the practice may have grown significantly over the years, but we are proud to remain independent with traditional values, and be very much a part of the local community. Our team of caring, experienced veterinary professionals make full use of the latest advances in veterinary medicine to look after your pet's health. And we are still passionate about treating your pet the way they should be - as one of the family.

Elly Pittaway BVSc MRCVS, with

Elly Pittaway BVSc MRCVS, with "Stumpy"

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