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Broad Lane Vet Clinic Photo

Broad Lane Vet Clinic Photo

Broad Lane Vet Clinic Photo


Broad Lane Vets offers enthusiastic individuals the invaluable experience of working in a veterinary practice at our busy Broad Lane site. We offer students a practical insight into the day to day activities and procedures that occur ‘behind the scenes’.

There is an extremely high demand for work experience placements as students wishing to enrol to become a veterinary surgeon or a veterinary nurse require evidence of working in practice to help support their application.

There are strict Health and Safety requirements within every industry and due to its very nature the veterinary practice is seen as a high risk environment. We are exposed to unpredictable animals which bite, scratch and peck, radiation, gaseous anaesthesia, sharps such as hypodermics and surgical instruments, drugs and potential infectious agents such as blood, urine and faeces, not to mention very stressful and emotional situations.

It is because of these conditions, we have to put restrictions on the students that we allow to do work experience and therefore we only take on students over 16 years of age, unless applying through their school’s own work experience scheme.

Due to the nature of veterinary practice, the role of students undertaking work experience is largely one of observation rather than participation.

Individuals wishing to undertake a work experience placement should write a letter explaining why a placement is desired with their current CV (including courses/examinations being studied for) and send by post to the main site, including a stamped addressed envelope, marked for the attention of Miss Holly Smith, or email the above to: workexperience_broadlanevets@hotmail.com

Your application will be considered by a senior member of our nursing team. As they work clinically you must allow at least 7 days, to hear back from us.

For students requesting EMS placements please contact us at: ems_broadlanevets@hotmail.com

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